England, Scotland, Ireland, Oh My!

Corey and I returned last Thursday night from an 11-day trip to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

It was our first experience traveling outside of the States, Mexico or Canada, and it was pretty amazing.

I participated as a staff member for Kansas Farm Bureau and Corey joined me as a tourist (although he worked a lot helping me, too!).

We covered a lot of ground, and I’m “borrowing” an idea one of our participants shared with me to show you just how much!

In total we traveled:

  • Almost 9,000 miles in an airplane
  • About 1,500 miles in a coach (or what we would call a bus)
  • More than 60 miles of walking (we averaged about 11,550 steps per day)

For a better visual of all the ground we covered, here’s a map I put together from MapQuest.

UK trip

Here’s a quick overview of the places we visited…

  • Day 1: London
  • Day 2: Basildon (east of London), Royston (north of London) and then back to London
  • Day 3: Tour of London and then north to Harrogate
  • Day 4: North to Richmond and then to Endinburgh, Scotland
  • Day 5: All day in Ingliston for the Royal Highland Show, Britain’s premier ag event
  • Day 6: Tour of Edinburgh, north to St. Andrews and back to Edinburgh
  • Day 7: Head south to Dumfries
  • Day 8: West across Scotland through Rainton and then jumped on a ferry in Cairnryan to head over to Belfast in Northern Ireland
  • Day 9: South into the Republic of Ireland and in to Dublin
  • Day 10: South of Dublin to Kildare and back to Dublin

Kansas Farm Bureau partnered with K-State’s Master of Agribusiness program to offer this trip, and we had almost 70 folks join us! Because our numbers were so large, we set up two legs of the trip. Our group started in London and ended in Dublin and another group started in Dublin and ended in London.

The trip was a really good mix of farm stops, history of the various countries and a few fun, touristy stops.

I plan to cover some of the amazing things we experienced (think food, whiskey tasting, farm stops and shenanigans) in later posts that will include lots and lots of photos.

If there’s something in particular you want to know about, drop me a note here and I’ll be sure to cover it.

If you’ve ever traveled to England, Scotland or Ireland tell me what your favorite thing was!

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4 Responses to England, Scotland, Ireland, Oh My!

  1. Jackie R says:

    Awesome! I’m heading to Scotland this weekend for the first time- can’t wait!!

    • Meagan Cramer says:

      Yes! Where are you visiting? Out of the 3 countris, Scotland is my favorite. 🙂

      • Jackie R says:

        I’m visiting Edinburgh! I’ve booked a tour through a local company called Rabbie’s while I’m there to see Loch Ness, Glencoe, & the Highlands!

  2. You will be putting in some miles, too! Next time we want to see the Highlands. Have a wonderful time!

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