Giving (Your Body) Thanks

Do you ever take a second and think about the million things our body does for us EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?

Let’s move past the every-single-day part. How about every single minute? According to this article from HuffPost and CVS,

  • our heart beats around 66 beats per minute
  • 600 million bits of visual data are interpreted by your brain
  • and 20 percent of your blood is cleaned by your kidneys

In one minute!

That’s a lot of amazing things we don’t even have to think about!

It’s easy to take all this work for granted.

But you know what? I think we should all take a minute and give ourselves and our bodies a little pat on the back.

Many of us are juggling families, jobs, volunteering and running ourselves ragged. It’s easy to rush around and forget to take a second to appreciate what’s happening.

Today I took a time out and grabbed a 30-minute massage. It was wonderful! Corey and I have been working really hard on 80 Day Obsession (almost to phase 3!) and the program reminds us how important it is to take care of our bodies.

I was lucky to get a massage, and maybe that’s not possible for you today.

If you haven’t yet today found a way to say thanks, here are a few ideas:

  • Go for a short walk or long run
  • Sit down for a 15-minute stretch
  • Lock yourself in the bathroom and take a bath
  • Read a book or a special poem
  • Grab a hug from someone special

It’s important to thank you and your body for a job well done today.

How do you show yourself love?

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