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Looking forward to my ‘summer’

I’m reading a really neat book called, Spiritual Rhythm: Being with Jesus Every Season of Your Soul by Mark Buchanan. I’m enjoying it and I seem to find an “ah ha” moment every time I crack it open (?) on … Continue reading

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A 2×4 of reality

I had my first “Oh no. I can’t do this. I’ve got to get out of here,” thought last night during our weekly three-hour CASA training. We had a panel of folks from SRS, St. Francis (services) and TFI (foster … Continue reading

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Meat Mondays

How many of you have heard of Meatless Mondays? According to it’s a movement of people “banding together to cut meat for personal health and the health of the planet.” I realize that this is only giving meat up … Continue reading

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It’s called a foot quilt!

Awhile ago I asked my Facebook buddies if they had any thoughts on how to make those things that go on the foot of beds above the comforter. I see them a lot in hotels. I remembered seeing a pattern … Continue reading

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CASA step 1

I started the 30-hour training tonight to become a CASA. I was amazed by the number of people there. I think we had close to 25 attendees. It was a good diversity of ages. In fact, I was shocked by … Continue reading

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Ambrosia apples are truly ambrosia

I confess. I have something to love about winter. No it’s not the cold, blowing wind. Or the icy fingers and bottoms when we get into the car. It’s AMBROSIA APPLES! Have you ever had one of these delicious treats? … Continue reading

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