Three secrets for easy to peel hard boiled eggs

If you’re a fan of hard boiled eggs like we are, I have three tips you need to know. This will save you from losing half the egg (and your patience) when it sticks to the shell.

Since my hubby and I started our quest to eat better and exercise daily, we’ve been eating two hard boiled eggs every morning. We love them because you can fix them ahead of time, they’re easy to eat on the run and they’re a great source of protein (each egg packs more than 6 grams) that keep you filled up all morning.

Every Sunday we meal prep and that includes boiling 20 eggs (two for each of us every morning) for the week.

I’ve learned three tips that help peel the shell right off. You’ll definitely want to try these! I promise it works…I’ve had lots of trials and errors figuring out the best method.

1. After they’re done boiling, run them in super cold water.

I used to let our eggs sit in the hot water and cool off, but I’ve found that running them immediately under cold water helps the shells come off much easier. Once they’re done boiling, I pull them off the stove immediately and run cold water on them. I also bang them around in the pan to crack the shells a bit.

2. Pop them right into the fridge.

This goes back to getting them cooled off right away. There’s something magical that happens when they’re moved directly to cold storage that helps the shells pop right off.

After running them under cold water, we put them back in the carton, write “hard boiled” on the top and get them right into the fridge. We learned to write “hard boiled” on them because it’s a pain to crack an egg for a recipe only to find out it’s already cooked.

3. When you’re ready to peel your egg, grab a spoon.

The curve of a spoon is perfect for sliding right into the crack of an egg. It fits perfectly around the egg and helps give you leverage as you peel the shell right off.

I like to see how big I can get the piece of shell to be before it falls off. Sometimes I get really lucky, and it comes off in one, big piece.

What’s your favorite kitchen hack you’ve learned through trial and error?

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4 Responses to Three secrets for easy to peel hard boiled eggs

  1. Natasha Evans says:

    Love that you’re blogging! 🙂
    For step 2 I use a bowl of ice water to immediately stop the cooking – those puppies peel SO EASY after.

  2. Mom says:

    I’ll try that deal of putting them in fridge. I might even make u deviled eggs when u come! 😂😘

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