A piece of coal in a glittery sea of diamonds

This weekend I spent time at a blogger conference to network and learn. I went with lots of excitement. I was looking forward to connecting with folks who blog and want to blog. I wanted to pick their brains about everything–why they blog, how can I work with them on connecting folks with farming, what makes them tick. I was stoked!

I left feeling like a square in a round hole. A piece of coal in a glittery sea of diamonds.

I heard farming is bad. Clean food is the only way to go. Milk causes your intestines to inflame. You’re only human if you don’t eat meat.

I learned a new word.Pescetarianism. According to Wikipedia it’s “the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood, but not the flesh of other animals.” Not the flesh of other animals? The flesh of other animals? What the??

I don’t want to paint a broad brush in saying everyone was this way. I met some awesome gals who were so welcoming, so open and wonderful. Even some that didn’t feel agriculture is all great, but they were willing to talk and discuss and connect.

The more I dive in to connecting with people over food, the more feel like if it’s not wrapped up in a pretty package or a slick documentary, people don’t want to hear it or believe it.

Food production is hard work. Farming is hard work. It’s easy for Dr. Oz to talk about the “global conspiracy” of GMOs (what a crock of crap).

It’s easy for us as consumers to get caught up in eating “all natural” and “hormone free” chicken (all chickens are hormone free).

It’s easy for us who want to have a real discussion about food to throw our hands up in this world of falsehoods and mistruths.

Am I going to give up? No way.

Am I going to go back to that blogger conference and try again? Yep.

Is it going to be easy? Nope.

But nothing good ever is.

About Meagan Cramer

A working wife and mother of teenage twin sweeties. Working on life, family, friends and growing my faith with a few stumbles and triumphs along the way.
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