Life lessons in sewing

Took the day off yesterday and spent part of the time sewing. Mom gave me her “old” Bernina 430 and wow! I love that machine (but that’s a post for another time). I started working on some “simple and easy” teddy bears for Christmas gifts. Simple and easy my foot! It told me to make a dart in two spots. A dart?! What’s a dart and how the heck do I do that?

What was my answer? Give up and put it away for another day. Hmmm…there’s a lesson there.

Later that day I got two books from my parents for my birthday. One is “The Experts Book of Sewing Tips & Techniques,” and the other is “The Practical Encyclopedia of Sewing.” Guess what? They both cover in detail what darts are and how to make them.

Then mom showed me a quick and easy way to make pillow slips. I got 5 done in about an hour. So I’m back on the sewing bandwagon…until the next wall I run into.

About Meagan Cramer

A working wife and mother of teenage twin sweeties. Working on life, family, friends and growing my faith with a few stumbles and triumphs along the way.
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